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Breathe & Be Nourished - Free Online Community Breathworks

Last Monday of the month. Join the collective journey. Riding the waves of energy.


Private Sessions One2One

Online or In Person. 

These are powerful sessions directed by your breath and inner wisdom. I hold you in sacred space and attune to your journey.


Alchemy Breathing

Open to the wisdom, beauty and bliss that you are, gracefully welcoming the parts of you wanting to be met, embracing your wholeness of being.


BioDynamic Trauma Release Breathwork

Unlock then release the Trauma and dross from the cells in your body. Freeing you from unconscious limitations in your life.


Senaja Breathworks Sessions within Your Retreats

Last Monday of the month. Join the collective journey. Riding the waves of energies as they sweep through you.


Private Groups

Online or In Person.

Gather your colleagues, family or friends. Unite in the potency of Breath. Building strong bonds in harmonious relationships. Share the celebration.


Retreat Breathworks


Private VIP Retreats

Online Or In Person

Embark on a personal VIP voyage in wilderness. Practising breath, yoga, awareness and detox.


Breathwork sessions within Established Retreats

Uniting participants in the uniqueness of their collaborative experience.


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