Private VIP Retreats

Embark on a personal VIP voyage in the wilderness. Practising breath, yoga, awareness and detox. Indulging in a tailor-made package to meet you.

Breathe In You Deeply

Private VIP Retreats

Online or In Person

Embark on your VIP voyage in the wilderness. Practising breath, yoga, awareness and detox. Indulging in a tailor-made package to meet you.

This is a full get away, immerse in your Breath Journey and body/mind reset. Retreat to the jungle, unplug and reconnect with your natural rhythms.

These packages are tailor made to your needs. these endeavours are often useful at times of health crisis renewal or emotional and mental challenge. Also at times when you just want that uplift or reset in your body/mind expereince. Your retreat may range from a day visit to a week rapture.

Weaving an holistic quest to embrace every part of you for a healthful union. Senaja will inquire in an intake session, what you are seeking and want to traverse. In order to collate breath practices specific to your emotional challenges, behaviours or traumas which you are ready to dissolve. Further identifying delicious foods to support your elimination and nourishment. Also physical condition to design exercises for your core strength, toning and flexibility. All of this supports the freedom of your breath.

‘How we breathe reflects how we be!' Senaja.

In Person retreats usually happen off grid in a lush sanctuary in Bali, hidden in the jungle surrounded by valleys and rice fields. Everything is arranged for you in accordance with your vision.

Online personal retreats vary. You may choose to engage with your breathwork adventure at home or at an accommodation of your choosing.

Everything is adaptable to your needs and how inspired you are to your embodiment of who you choose to be.



Retreat Facilitator

This holistic experience is designed by your desires.

For example a week retreat may include yet not limited to:

  •       1 personal consultation with Senaja
  •       3-5 90min Senaja Breathworks
  •       1-2 personal breath coaching sessions
  •       1-2 personal Senaja Yoga Classes
  • Specific nutritional meals are included in in person retreats.
Value is variable according to duration and whether the retreat is online or in person.


Has decades of experience designing, organising and offering both VIP private and group retreats. She delights in arranging comfortable healthful environments for her participants to feel safe and indulge that extra bit for significant life enhancing transformation. She carefully attends to the details so you may relax fully present and held in your process.

Senaja embodies the work. She has consciously engaged with her breath for over 20 years. Professionally Senaja is a Practitioner in Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System. Further she has extensively studied with Clarity Breathwork, Breath of Bliss and Quantum Light Breath. She also brings vast experience of sacred ritual, lightwork and self-awareness to your journey with your breath.

Founder Senaja Breathworks

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