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every last Monday of the month @ 6pm AWST

Breathworks by Donation. It is free to sign up and breathe.

Imagine the energy created when many of us in various countries are breathing together? It will have a huge positive impact for humanity.

It is my vision for us to unite in harmony through our breath. My passion is to share breath with as many people as possible around our planet.

How exciting!

This is also my gift and service to you, for all of us. You are invited to step in and experience your breath in a profound way.

Our breath is a powerful healing too. Which unifies communities in a baseline of love. Humanity needs this communion now more than ever. Breathe your vitality and contribute to the frequency of our collective consciousness. Rippling out into our environments.

We are all sovereign beings responsible for our own nourishment. Imagine when we fully breathe ourselves; we may in-spirit the adventure of our life. Then naturally we overflow and radiate our vibrant energy to all.

Our breath is our primary source of fuel, for our body’s functions and rejuvenation.
Let’s be nourished together?

Join us online at 6pm AWST the last Monday of every month and breathe your loving reality.

Dates listed here. Add them to your calendar so you always enjoy your breathes with ease.

2022 Monday 31st January, 28th February, 28th March, 25th April, 30th May, 27th June, 25 July, 29th August, 26th September, 31st October, 28th November, 26th December.

Commit to the betterment of your world. Our world needs you and your breath. 

Your journey begins in every breath.

These community breath sessions are valued at $44. I understand not everyone can afford that yet I want everyone to breathe. Now I am offering them by donation.

When you feel touched by your breath journey or you feel inspired to support the community please donate to ensure our world is breathing with you.


Class Teacher

Join the collective journey. Riding the waves of energies as they sweep through you; healing your body, expanding your awareness and connecting with your wholeness.

Value $44 by Donation or membership.



Embodies the work. She has consciously engaged with her breath for over 20 years. Professionally Senaja is a Practitioner in Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release. Further she has extensively studied with Clarity Breathwork, Breath of Bliss and Quantum Light Breath. She also brings vast experience of sacred ritual, lightwork and self-awareness to your journey with the breath.

Founder of Senaja Breathworks

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