By continuing with this booking I have agreed to this Disclaimer.

I comprehend that I take responsibility for my experience and I am of healthy mental and physical condition to practice Breathwork. 



By part taking in Senaja Breathworks, I understand and take sole responsibility for myself. It is my choice to participate and to the depth in which I choose. I may respectfully disengage from the exercises at any moment and lay down quietly to completion of the session. Furthermore I accept full responsibility for my physical fitness and mental states therefore declare that I am able to participate.

I understand the experiences and information I receive during these sessions:

  1. does not to replace medical advice from my doctor/s or health care provider/s;
  2. are not intended in the capacity for prescription, recommendations, diagnosis or treatments for any health problem or disease;
  3. any stories and testimonies are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction that this will happen for me.


For this and future sessions/workshops/events I release the facilitators/teachers/instructors/assistants and Senaja Breathworks from any liability, should there be any accidental injuries (physical or mental) that may occur during or after the practice.

I have consulted my physician and am able to participate in the workshop/session. I understand that if I am taking any medication or have any medical conditions such as, but not limited to: schizophrenia, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, or pregnancy, that I must advise the facilitator/s prior to participating in the session.

Further I understand that even though I have been accepted as a participant I declare that I take full responsibility for my physical and mental states as well as my personal effects during Senaja Breathworks and do not place any liability elsewhere other than upon myself.

By continuing with this booking I declare I have read, understood and agreed to this Disclaimer as written.


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