BioDynamic Trauma Release Breathwork

Unlock then release the trauma and dross from the cells in your body. Enjoy the newfound spaciousness from this tension vacating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities.

Breathwork Session

BioDynamic Trauma Release Breathwork

Relax the tension which keeps you stuck. Are you ready to feel free?

By unlocking the body armour and inviting the spaciousness of breath into your body, you will have life changing experiences. In these focused sessions we breathe your energy channels free, allowing the blockages to be revealed and released. Usually this modality is engaged from 7 to 10 sessions to work through the whole body and all the bands of tension. However much may shift in a single session.

We are often unaware of how much tension we are holding physically, let alone emotionally or mentally. Through somatic breathing and experiencing we release, and have the ability to resolve limitations. The work in these breathwork sessions is incredibly rewarding and more often than not one feels amazingly free and energised in their skin after each session.

It is possible to open the door and experience profound relief with a one off Biodynamic Trauma Release Breathwork session. Yet know this work is accumulative and you can experience much more liberation by committing to a full series.

You will be guided to healthfully complete the cycle of experience by utilising the powerful tools of your breath, movement, conscious expression, awareness, touch and sound. You will also receive personalised exercises to do at home between sessions, in order to maintain your connection with self and continued opening.

This is a potent gentle organic process for unlocking the arrested expression of trauma from your body. Engaging with the body’s natural felt sense and thawing the freeze. We then feel our aliveness, the beauty of our free flowing energy and can live our full life.

It feels amazing!



Each session is held in the sacredness by a professional facilitator. Who creates a safe space for the participant with clear understanding and respect. Both Facilitator and Breather share a focus towards the embodied wholeness of the participant.

Session value:

One2One In Person $188 OnLine $111 

Biodynamic Trauma Release Breathwork miniseries

In these 4 sessions really dig into the core of your challenge, re-membering the wound to reunite with your purity and receive freedom in your life. 

Are you ready to lose those limitations?

In Person $700 or OnLine $333

Full Freedom Package

10 private sessions meeting you where you are in your trauma relationship. Working towards de-armouring the bands of tension through your body. Unlocking the old trauma from your cellular memory and integrating your emotions safely. Completing the past experiential process physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now leaving you free to be you!

In Person $1111 or OnLine $777



Embodies the work. She has consciously engaged with her breath for over 20 years. Professionally Senaja is a Practitioner in Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release. Further she has extensively studied with Clarity Breathwork, Breath of Bliss and Quantum Light Breath. She also brings vast experience of sacred ritual, lightwork and self-awareness to your journey with the breath.

Founder of Senaja Breathworks


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