Alchemy Breathing

Open to the wisdom, beauty and bliss that you are, gracefully welcoming the parts of you wanting to be met, embracing your wholeness of being. 

Breathwork Session

Alchemy Breathing

Ready for something new which feels good?

Alchemy Breathwork welcomes everything which wants to happen for you and supports that to move through you gracefully.

This Breathwork system comes from the School which combines the most effective techniques from many masters around the world:

·       With a focus on expanding clarity, connection and peace.

·       Cultivating greater self-awareness, love and compassion.

·       It is a natural remedy for anxiety and stress.

·       And regular practice supports you by improving relationships, generating greater mental clarity, purpose, and direction in life.

Our breath raises our vibration, creating space and inviting energy for inspiration.

How does that look?

You will be welcomed and guided to open with curiosity and engage a conscious connected breath pattern. This awakens vital functions and activates the nervous system. As we oscillate at higher frequencies, that which is not in our service can be shaken loose and released. Meeting ourselves in the raw real state allows for new possibility and relationship. This is where the magic happens. Other realms have the potential to be present. These portals are usually touched with loving vibrations, expanding your awareness to receive greater insight. Then working with our breath patterns we integrate it all in form in the now.

Are you ready to dive deeper into knowing thyself on all levels? This style of breathwork opens you to your inner wisdom and realms of self, perhaps not yet dreamed of.

It will be an honourable delight to connect breathe and experience your journey with you.


Class Teacher

Each session is held in the sacredness by a professional facilitator. Who creates a safe space for the participant with clear understanding and respect. Both Facilitator and Breather share a focus towards the embodied wholeness of the participant.

Session value: In Person $188 Online $111



Embodies the work. She has consciously engaged with her breath for over 20 years. Professionally Senaja is a Practitioner in Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release. Further she has extensively studied with Clarity Breathwork, Breath of Bliss and Quantum Light Breath. She also brings vast experience of sacred ritual, lightwork and self-awareness to your journey with the breath.

Founder of Senaja Breathworks

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