Breathe with Senaja!

Welcome to Senaja Breathworks

Experience the gift of your breath. 

Breath is life! Here you can transform or create your life through breath. Embody all of what you wish to experience, whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, all is navigational in your Breathwork.


Breathe with Senaja!

Welcome to Senaja Breathworks

Experience the gift of your breath. 

Breath is life! Here you can transform or create your life through breath. Embody all of what you wish to experience, whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, all is navigational in your Breathwork.



Let's Breathe with Senaja!

Experience the gift of your breath. In these sessions you are held in a safe loving space in which you may unravel the layers that cover your greatness, happiness or wholeness. Once met, what was perhaps an old limitation may now be integrated and the energy utilised elsewhere in your life. In this container, you are encouraged to welcome all parts of you home, be empowered, supported and fulfilled.

There is a whole gamut of parts of ourselves we have left behind. Along your breath journey, my intuition guides me to assist your highest uniting experience. Music is played to support your commitment to your breath and occupy the mind. It is a good idea to be well hydrated and breathe on a light stomach.

Breathwork Benefits

What is Conscious Breathwork?

This is a common question I am often asked when I say I am a Breathworker. Let’s see if we can shed some light here. Breathwork is the art of observing, understanding and practicing the effects of the breath on the body and the body through the breath.

Very ordinary! Invite consciousness to the occasion. Now this begins your breath journey in your life. You have the power for the extraordinary. Bringing our consciousness to our breath and choosing how we breathe creates our reality. These sessions open doorways to new areas of ourselves. Or old areas we have forgotten or perhaps suppressed.

Through breath experiences, we may unite and repair the wholeness of our being on all levels. Though the journey may at times be challenging it is usually rewarded with feelings of revelation, connection, love, and peace.

6 Benefits of Breathwork

Peace of mind

Clear mental chatter and Release negative thoughts. Connect with the subconscious and consciously choose your beliefs.

Positive self-development

Increase confidence, self-image and
self-esteem. Develop or increase self-awareness.

Process emotions

Heal emotional pain and trauma. Promote self-love and healing. Improve relationships with self and loved ones.

Overcome addictions

Reduce stress and anxiety levels. Increase joy and happiness. Integrate depression and anger.

Strengthen physical performance

Boost immunity, improve organ and
brain function, also regulate your respiratory and nervous systems.

Quality Sleep

Activating the parasympathetic response aiding in rest, relaxation and digestion, cultivating more energy.

Breathe & Be Nourished

Community Breathworks Online

By Donation.

Breathe & Be Nourished

You are invited to step in and experience your breath in a profound way.

Your breath is a powerful healing tool. We are all sovereign beings responsible for our own nourishment. Breathing your vitality also contributes to the global energy for unity and harmony. How cool is that?

Our breath is our primary source of fuel, for our body’s function and rejuvenation.
Let’s be nourished together?

It’s free to sign up and breathe.

This is exciting! Commit to the betterment of your world.

Your journey begins in every breath

Join us online monthly.

When you feel touched by your breath journey or you feel inspired to support the community please contribute to ensure our world is breathing with you.

Private Sessions

Explore My Breathworks Sessions

Let’s meet online or in person. Private Sessions are potent Breathworks tailored for you. Every journey is unique with exactly what you need right now. You may choose which serves you best from the 2 main Breathwork styles that I offer.


Alchemy Breathing

Open to the wisdom, beauty and bliss that you are, gracefully welcoming the parts of you wanting to be met, embracing your wholeness of being.


BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release

Unlock then release the trauma and dross from the cells in your body.

Ready for changing your life?

Breathworks Packages

All packages available online or in person.


Private Sessions One2One

Embody the core essence of you.

Your personal sessions in

Alchemy Breathing or

Trauma Release Breathwork.


Private Groups

Gather your friends, family or colleagues. Group Breathworks powerfully unite and bond teams. Breathing together connects your heart coherence. These sessions are also very potent in addition to you retreats.


Personal VIP Retreats

This holistic experience is designed by your desires. Your retreat may include
· 1 consultation
· 3-5 90min Senaja Breathworks
· 1-2 breath coaching
· 1-2 Senaja Yoga

Learn From Experience

My Diverse Depth of Knowledge

Becoming an International Breathwork Practitioner has been a life long journey which continues; gifting me with the talents for holding loving, tender yet expansive space for you to journey on the wings of your breath.

Beginning at the age of 6 listening to the adults around me I had my first conscious breath experience. In which I discovered belly inhalations. As a young adult I studied breathwork in Sacred Silence with Gary Sammer, Modern Mysteries with Shankari The Alchemist and School of Enlightenment with Ramtha.  Moving into adulthood Breathwork became my profession and my studies deepened in Alchemy of Breath with Anthony Abbagnano, Clarity of Breath with Deva Dana Devi and Ashana Solaris also Biodynimic Breathwork and Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Chetana Barkan.

What Clients Say


Our Gallery

Moments with Senaja Breathworks

Senaja is an experienced Breathworker. She comfortably facilitates small or large groups. Having held breathworks in many countries around the globe, she is also culturally aware.



All services offered by Senaja are experienced in person or online. Both have merit for your freedom. In terms of facilitation and your benefit, one is not better than the other. It is your personal preference.

one2one session
Trauma release
mini series
4 day VIP retreat
$188, online $111
$700 online $333
$660 online $388
one2one session
$188, online $111
Trauma release mini series
$700 online $333
4 day VIP retreat
$660 online $388


Have a question? Great reach out and send me a message. 

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Perth Australia & Retreats in Bali


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