Let's Breathe with Senaja!

Experience the gift of your breath. Session duration is around 2 hours. In which I offer a safe loving space for you to unravel the layers that cover your greatness, happiness, wholeness or whatever it is you are not yet seeing or integrating. In this container you can welcome all parts of yourself home, be empowered, supported and fulfilled. There is a whole gamut of parts of ourselves we have left behind. Along your journey my intuition guides me to assist your highest uniting experience. Music is played to support your commitment to your breath and occupy the mind. It is a good idea to be well hydrated and breathe on a light stomach.

Private Sessions – Breathe into you!

In this breathwork you are the master of the journey. I come along in support of what it is you are ready to meet and love. The session may happen in person or online. Neither is more beneficial than the other it is a personal preference. Of course in person I may use touch to support the full expansion of your breath. Online you have the privacy and comfort of your own space. Either way, we are connected and you are held with 100% of my presence.

Group Sessions – Breathe into love!

During these breathworks you are the master of your journey are simultaneously traveling together. The collectiveness of the groups may help motivate your commitment to your experience. By giving you permission to boldly lean into uncomfortableness becoming familiar. Groups are beautiful way of creating connection for strong relationships and team building. Useful for friends, families and corporate bonding. Even though I may hold you in your personal experience at times I am guiding the collective group journey simultaneously.

What is Conscious Breathwork?

What is Conscious Breathwork?

This is a common question I am often asked when I say I am a Breathworker. Let’s see if we can shed some light here. Breathwork is the art of observing, understanding and practicing the effects of the breath on the body and the body through the breath. Very ordinary! Invite consciousness to the party. Now this begins your breath journey in your life. You have the power for the extraordinary. Bringing our consciousness to our breath and choosing how we breathe creates our reality. These sessions open doorways to new areas of ourselves. Or old areas we have forgotten or suppressed. Through these breath experiences we may unite and repair the wholeness of our being on all levels. Though the journey may at times be challenging it is more often than not rewarded with feelings of revelation, connection, love and peace.


Senaja is an international Breathwork Practitioner gifted in holding loving, tender and expansive space. She shares her talents with groups and individuals to journey on the wings of their breath. Trained in Alchemy of Breath with Anthony Abbagnano, who elegantly held Senaja to complete this jigsaw puzzle of breath and step confidently into facilitation. Also Clarity of Breath with Deva Dana Devi and Ashana Solaris, who provided the therapeutic foundation. Further in Biodynimic Breathwork and Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Chetana Barkan, who enlightened Senaja in Anatomy, Physiology, Understanding Trauma and the Reichain Character Structure, as well as hands on practice for releasing bodily trauma by working with the bands of tension and somatic experiencing. Senaja continues to explore the adventure and potential of conscious breathwork through a vast array of mediums to continually expand her capacity to hold space for her breathers. She also brings other awareness to creating space for you: 20 years of Light Work with the Modern Mystic; Shankari the Alchemist, who is also a trained with the founders of rebirthing. Through this long relationship Senaja was further introduced to the unseen real and became adept in consciously weaving natural energies for the greater good of all within sacred ceremony and sound. Concurrently she commenced the practice of The 5 Tibetans. This is a series of moving asanas (Yoga postures) which she combined with conscious breath promoting the union of my mind and body. Later she studied with Ramtha the Enlightened One who taught her a vigorous and retained breath meditation. This discipline for expansion and awareness, achieved by marrying breath, consciousness and energy helped Senaja start to ground the conscious understanding of her knowing through experiences in neuroscience and quantum physics. In her Journey through life Senaja has also studied at Curtin University and achieved a BA in Communications and Cultural Studies giving her a broad understanding of the human condition. Much earlier in her life, Senaja studied Sacred Silence with Garry Sammer, who trained with Tom Brown The Tracker who was Stalking Wolf’s apprentice. Sacred Silence was formed by Stalking Wolf’s investigations into various ancient traditions; such as Chinese, Indian and Anglican, finding the common blue print, he arrived at a disciplined focused practice to empower a single breath capable of bridging worlds and realities. “It is my destiny and passion to explore the magic of Breath, through deep dives into self, meeting my inner wisdom and cultivating true loving wholeness. I am embodying this work as well as sharing it with the world.” Senaja. Senaja is delighted to share breath with many people across the planet. She currently lives between Perth, Australia and Bali.

Happy Breathers